Diplomate Veterinary Marcus Barth

Marcus Barth, Diplomate of Veterinary Medicine

  • Diplomate of Veterinary Medicine
  • Founder of Terravet Veterinary Clinic
  • Specialty in internal Medicine
  • Specialty in Exotic animals
  • Languages: German, Spanish and English
  • Hobbies: Family, sport and his pets

Marcus Barth is founder of Terravet Veterinary Clinic. He was born in Uruguay and has German parents. Since he was a child he wanted to be a Veterinarian, which for him is vocational. During his childhood and as a teenager he always had different animals: dogs, cats, birds and even reptiles. His favourites are tortoises and he has also been a successful breeder.

While he was studying in Córdoba he got knowledge by himself in Exotic Medicine. To gain that experience he visited many external courses and also stayed in famous Clinics around Europe (mainly Hannover and Utrecht). He has been Supervisor for Exotic Animal Medicine in a Veterinary Clinic in Nuremberg before he decided to come back to Spain.

He also gained knowledge in Internal Medicine and he was supervisor for Internal Medicine in a famous Veterinary Clinic in Germany. His main specialty is abdominal ultrasound.

Marcus wants to transmit his knowledge and philosopy to his clients and treat their pets.

Marcus is married and has twins. Turtles and his dog Starky are also part of his family.

Diploma of Business Studies Laura González Fernández

Laura González Fernández, Administration

  • Diploma in Business Studies
  • Extensive knowledge in software management
  • Languages: Spanish, German and English
  • Hobbies: Family, theatre and dancing

Laura is responsible for the Administration of the Clinic.

Laura is from Ojén and got her Diploma for Business Studies in 2004. She has lots of knowledge in administration, accounting and software management. She worked in different countries and purchased plenty experience.

After finishing her studies she wanted to work in other countries. She gained more knowledge about the English language in Ireland, where she enjoyed the beautiful country. After getting married she stayed for more than three years in Germany and learned the language and another culture.

She is Marcus' wife and both have twins. One of her biggest passions is acting and theatre.