We are specialiced in Iternal Medicine to improve our service.

Internal Medicine includes many specialties, being only Dermatology, Gastroenterology or Endocrinology only a few of them. We can offer a specialiced service due to our experience and constant training. We have the best diagnostic procedures and therapies for your pet.

One specialty of the Internal Medicine is Oncology. We offer diagnosis (histology, citology and diagnostic maging) and specialiced treatment (surgery and chemotherapie).

If necessary we keep in touch with specialist all around the Costa del Sol and Europe.



We offer soft tissue surgery, standarised (castrations)and others (foreign bodies, tumours).

An inhalatory anesthesia makes a surgery more secure and permits a longer surgical procedure if necessary.

If a traumathological or orthopedic surgery (bones, ligaments, joints) is necesarry we work together with other Referral Veterinary Clinics.

Teeth cleaning


Some dog and cat breed are prone to geet teeth Problems which can get worse if they are not been treated. Gingivitis and Periodontitis are the most common complications.

Our Clinic has the proper equipment for treating those problems. Please ask for a teeth inspection.