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We have vaccines for dogs, cats, ferrets, and rabbits. Please remember that rabies is mandatory for the first three.
Our vaccination plan is very complete to make sure your pet has the best immunisation. Please don´t hesitate to ask about our vaccination plan.

"Vaccination day": Every Wednesday special prices on vaccination. We recommend to make an appointment to avoid a long waiting time.


Good and regular deworming is important to increase the immunity of your pet and to avoid infection of human beings (for some parasites deworming is mandatory).

Identification with microchip

In Andalucía it is mandatory to microchip dogs, cats and ferrets. Animals can be registered and it also helps to find them in case of stealing or loss.

Anesthesia is not necessary and it is almost painless. After microchipping we will registrate your animal on the "Red de Identificación Animal".

The microchip should be given as the latest on the same day of the first rabies vaccination (12 weeks), an earlier implant is of course also possible (except very small animals).

Microchiping Dogs and cats

Nutritional advice

Nutritional advice for pets

All of us want the best for our pet. The best nutrition is a very important point to be considered.

We have to start feeding our puppy with a high quality food to guarantee the best growing and development.

Our Clinic has different types of high quality food for your dog, cat, rabbit, bird or reptile. We also offer specialised food in case of a disease (for example liver or kidney problem).

Do not hesitate to ask and we are pleased to advise you

"First puppy consultation"

Free consultation

We offer a first free puppy consultation

Make an appointment and we will answer or your questions and doubts.

First puppy consultation

"Geriatric check-up"

Geriatric check-up pets

Being an good owner we want that our pet lives many years and gets old. It is impossible to avoid certain pathologies, but we can try to have an early diagnose and try to treat or control them.

To diagnose the beginning of a disease we offer the "Geriatric check-up". The best diagnostic procedures (blood and urine analysis, diagnostic imaging) at special prices.

Do not hesitate to ask