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The facilities of Terravet Veterinary Clinic consist of 2 consultation rooms, one Ultrasound room, complete equipped surgery room and laboratory, one x-ray room and a big hospitalization room.

  • Veterinary Clinic facade
  • Veterinary Clinic Check-in
  • Waiting Room Veterinary Clinic
  • Operating Room Veterinary Clinic
  • Laboratory Analysis veterinary


Terravet has its own laboratory, this allows to get results and the diagnosis in just a few minutes.

Terravet Veterinary Clinic is also equipped with a urine analyzer.

Diagnostic equipment

The latest diagnostic techniques are now also available for your pet. We dispose of digital Radiology and a advanced and modern ultrasound machine.

Our x-ray machine is from Intech. The advantages of digital radiology is that we get the images very quickly and the expose of x-rays is very short and low.

Blood machines

Our Ultrasound machine is from General Electric, leaders in ultrasound diagnostics. We can scan abdominal cavity and heart.

Due to a special probe also exotic animals can be scanned.

We also have a microscope to offer a better diagnosis (scrapes, staining, cytology).