Check up

We offer regular check-ups to guarantee the best preventive medicine for your pet. From"First free puppy consultation" to "Geriatric check-up"



Diagnostic and veterinary treatment with the latest equipment and own laboratory to ensure the best treatment for your pet.



Being at home makes the visit more comfortable for the owner and for his pet.


Do you have a new puppy? We offer the first consultation for free. Just make an appointment and we will try to answer all your questions and will give you good tips about the optimal feeding, vaccines...


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Dog grooming San Pedro Alcántara

Dog grooming

We offer dog grooming specific for your breed. Washing, external deworming and cleaning of eyes, ears and anal glands, also nail cutting. Read more

Nutrition for pets

Nutrition for pets

One of the most important aspects for a good maintenance of our pets is a good feeding.
For the best growth and development it is important to start feeding your puppy with a high quality food. Read more

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